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Every mainstream school in Worcestershire has the opportunity to identify a Communication TA who will act as a resource for colleagues in delivering small group targeted intervention for children with speech, language and communication needs. Some larger schools have identified more than one TA to take on this role. Over 250 Communication TAs have now registered be part of this FREE programme

Registered Communication TAs can access a termly cluster meeting in their area which will include support free training on an aspect of targeted intervention.  

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This term's resources

Communication TA update

Download this term's update here


Maths Presentation

Download this term's presentation here


   Maths visuals  

Download maths visuals here


Maths Word Map

Download a maths word map here



Download Comparatives here


Number Square

Download a supported number square here


Number word sorting

Download number word sorting here



Maths words Primary

Download Primary maths vocab poster here



Maths Words Secondary

Download Secondary maths vocab poster here


Shape sorter

Download a shape sorter here

More or less number line

Download more or less numberline here


More or less

Download more or less resource here


Teen Ty resource

Download teen or ty resource here


Shape Walk    Number walk  

Download shape walk here and number walk here


Maths representation

Download number understanding here 





New Resource Gallery

Connective choice

Download Connective Choice here   


Comparatives cracking the code

Download comparatives cracking the code here

Irregular Plurals


Download irregular plurals game here 

 Secondary word map     Secondary cue cards  

Download secondary word map here

and secondary cue cards here