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Every mainstream school in Worcestershire has the opportunity to identify a Communication TA who will act as a resource for colleagues in delivering small group targeted intervention for children with speech, language and communication needs. Some larger schools have identified more than one TA to take on this role. Over 250 Communication TAs have now registered be part of this FREE programme

Registered Communication TAs can access a termly cluster meeting in their area which will include support free training on an aspect of targeted intervention.  

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This term's resources

Communication TA update

Download this term's update here

Comm TA Summer 23 EAL presentation

Download this term's presentation here


EAL parent interview

 Download parent interview here



EAL student interview

 Download student interview here 


EAL language map

Language Map 

EAL referral guide

 EAL When To Refer 

EAL parent advice

Parent Advice - EAL 

EAL Vs SLCN checklist


EAL SLCN Screening Tool


Bell Foundation assessment framework



Bell foundation strategies for Primary




New Resource Gallery

pronoun resource

Download boy and girl here 

Dowload possessions here

EYs emotional regulation boards





Download Emotional regulation board here and symbols here

Teaching before and after

Download before/after resource here

Catch me doing it dinosaur

 Download  catch me doing it dinosaur here 


Colourful semantics frame

Colourful semantic frame.


Who what doing where pictures - colourful semantics


Download Who? What doing? Where? pictures here 


Colourful semantics what pictures

 Download What? pictures here 

Colourful semantic when pictures

Download When? pictures here