Children's Physiotherapy (Paediatric)

Paediatric physiotherapy specialises in children and young people between 0-18 years, or 19 years if your child is in full-time education within a Worcestershire special school. 

Physiotherapists will usually be involved at an early stage of your child’s development and work with active exercise. They focus on joint range, muscle tone, movement and gross motor activities.

Self-management and independence is an important aspect of the service. Treatment sessions vary greatly depending on your individual need and include:

  • Regular reviews to identity change of need and treatment plan, specific to individual needs
  • We are able to demonstrate and guide other people involved in your child’s care on how to carry out treatment advice
  • Assessment and advice to identify any specialist equipment need that will help your child improve their functional ability and mobility
  • We provide a physiotherapy report for Educational Health and Care Plans for children who are already under our care
  • We work closely with other services such as; Occupational Therapy, Health Visitors, Paediatricians and the Orthotics service as well as liaising with consultants and other health professionals in different health care settings.

We follow national and local professional guidelines and have a robust training and review structure as well as working to the professional standards of the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and professional bodies. All team members have been subject to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.