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Worcestershire’s SLCN Pathway has moved to The Balanced System® Pathway

The pathway builds on the Balanced System® outcomes framework for meeting speech, language and communication needs which is included in the Public Health England guidance for SLCN published in October, 2020. The pathway tool navigates the provisions available for parents, carers and professionals to help all children and young people develop their speech, language and communication as well as for those with identified speech, language and communication needs.

Chosen provisions and resources are presented as a personalised journey for the user, whether parent, carer or professional. Users follow a series of questions leading to relevant information and resources. As they choose which are most useful, they can ‘add’ to create their own pathway which can be saved and added to at a later date.

Visit the pathway to start your journey and find information about local services, practical guidance and tools to help you to support children and young people with speech, language and communication needs.


The video below tells you more about our new pathway: