Patient and Carer Experience

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We love getting your feedback

When you tell us about our services, we like to share it with others. This is so we can learn from our patient's and carer’s experiences. We want to know what is working well, and what may need improving. By telling your stories and views you are helping improve our services for everyone. 

Some of the ways we find out about and use patient and carer experiences are below.


Your stories

Your story can make a difference — Care Opinion

We want to hear your views about our services. We share your feedback with the staff in the service, so that they know what’s good and what could be improved. Anyone can leave feedback including patients, carers and their families.

By telling your stories and views you are helping improve our services for everyone.

The Trust is currently rolling out a new way of leaving feedback, called Care Opinion. You can tell your story anonymously here: . You can also call this number for free to tell your story: 0800 122 31 35


Complaints, Compliments and PALS

  We recognise that things may not always go the way we would like. This section explains how to raise a concern, make a complaint, or even give a compliment.

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The Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) helps us understand how happy you are with our services. It's a quick and anonymous questionnaire used across the NHS. You will be asked what was good, bad and your experience. 

If you receive care or treatment from the NHS you may be asked to complete this questionnaire. You may be given a form to complete or sent a text or email. A friend or family member can answer the question if you're unable to. You do not need to answer. But if you do your feedback, give us valuable information to make improvements.



How to contact us

If you would like to give us feedback or want to discuss current opportunities to get involved, get in touch. To contact the Community Engagement Team by email: 


You said we did

Providing outstanding services is our priority and we need your help to do that. We know completing surveys can be a low priority when you have been unwell. But, it really does help us to make things better for everyone. You can see some examples below of what we did after you gave us feedback on our services.

Providing information for the LGBTQ+ community

We were told we needed to provide information for people who identify as LGBTQ+. We worked with people with lived experience to produce a leaflet. This included more information and where people can go for additional support and help.

"this definitely encompasses the feedback we got from young people, and looks far less corporate and clinical"

"It does look good and appealing to read. For me it is also a statement it looks as if we are moving on from the boring corporate and listening to young people. I feel encouraged to input into other issues now."

You can view the leaflet here: LGBGTQIA DL Leaflet September 2023.pdf [pdf] 246KB