Dummy Elves

Dummy Elf 2015  

Our Dummy Elves are usually out and about in Worcestershire every December but if you are not lucky enough to meet one then why not organise your very own Dummy Elf event?


During a baby’s early months a dummy can be really helpful to comfort and settle babies. However, when children use dummies too much or for too long it can affect their talking. 

If you want to encourage your child's talking then giving up their dummy can be a really helpful thing to do!

Dummy Resources

Dummy advice

Download a dummy advice leaflet here 

Dummy Reward chart

Download a dummy reward chart here 

Dummy Certificate

Download a dummy elf certificate here

Dummy elf Thank you note

Download an elf thank you note here 


Nurseries and Children's Centres 

Thinking about running a Dummy Elf event?

Below you can find a blank flyer to download. Add your details and use it to publicise your event!

You can also download a template for 'I saw the Dummy Elf today' stickers and labels for your special Dummy Elf gifts. Our Dummy Elves always bring bubbles! Don't forget to print off thank you notes too - the only other thing you will need is a  magic posting box and a Elf volunteer!

Blank Flyer For Dummy Elf Event

Dummy Elf Present Labels

I Saw The Dummy Elf Today Stickers