Engagement and consultations

Formal Consulations and Engagement

Formal consultations

The NHS has a legal duty to consult and involve people when planning or making substantial changes. Consultation allows people chance to give their views on the proposed changes. They also help identify impacts that might not have been considered. 

Any formal consultations will be listed below.


Public Engagement Events

The Trust occasionally hosts public engagement events to gather views and feedback on its services. They can help the Trust to identify early issues or ways to improve. 

Any engagement events will be listed below.  

Hill Crest Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit Listening Events


The patient and carer voice

We have a range of groups that welcome patients, carers and the public to give their views. Opportunities are open to residents within Herefordshire and Worcestershire aged 14 and over. 

Visit 'participation and volunteering' to find out more


Health equalities

Health equalities are differences between people or groups of people that are unfair. Health inequalities exist across a range of dimensions or characteristics. This includes personal characteristics, lifestyle factors, living and working conditions, and environmental conditions.  

By tackling inequalities, we can help ensure everyone has the same opportunities. Regardless of who they are or where they live. The Trust are committed to giving equal access, experience, and outcomes to everyone.


Engagement Campaigns

The Trust runs health campaigns that are created with our patient and carer groups. We work with partners to improve the lives of the local communities.

Now We’re Talking with Art

The campaign hosted three art trails in Worcester, Redditch and Hereford in 2021. They aimed to spread positivity and highlight mental health support.  The Trust worked with businesses, artists and art groups, charities, and local governments. All with the shared purpose to improve mental health following a rise in cases post the pandemic in 2020.

Reach Out

The Trust teamed up with a local band, Split Second to produce a music video. It was about their own experiences with mental health and called 'Reach Out'. The campaign was aimed at young people struggling with their mental health. The focus was on speaking out and getting support. The song was promoted in schools and colleges across the two counties.

Find out more about Reach Out here. 

How to contact us

If you would like to give us feedback or want to discuss current opportunities to get involved get in touch. To contact the Community Engagement Team by email: whcnhs.communityengagement@nhs.net