COVID19 (coronavirus)

Last updated: 05/11/2020

Visitor information 

Visiting at all of our community hospitals and mental health wards is temporarily suspended. Visiting may be permitted in exceptional circumstances for example visiting for patients who are receiving end of life care. Please contact the Ward Manager directly for more information. 

Visiting will continue to be reviewed on a regular basis with virtual options available on all our sites in the meantime. 

We are limiting the number of visitors to our sites to help reduce the transmission of COVID19 and to keep our patients, staff and their families safe.

Only patients admitted to a ward, attending an appointment or minor injury unit (MIU) are permitted inside of the hospital buildings. Those attending appointments or clinics should do so by themselves, unless they require the support of a carer or are under the age of 18. In these instances 1 family member/carer is permitted to accompany the patient.

Further information

Visiting is not currently permitted at the Worcestershire Royal, Alexandra and Kidderminster Hospitals which are run by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust or Hereford County Hospital which is run by Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Face coverings

In line with government guidance, if you are coming into any of our hospitals, inpatient wards or clinics it is important that you wear a face covering at all times. This is for your safety and the safety of other patients and staff.

Face coverings are different to face masks in that they can be homemade, made of cloth, and be reusable. You can find information and guidance on making your own face covering here.

We are asking that you plan in advance and bring a face covering with you whenever possible, but if you do not have one available when you come to hospital, we can provide you with one.

For some people wearing a face covering may be difficult, in these instances, please contact the team providing your care ahead of your appointment so they can make arrangements to safely support you.

Patients are encouraged (where possible) to attend appointments alone,  if you require a carer or support please let the service know ahead of your appointment.

Updates on service changes can be found to the right-hand side of this window (desktop users) or at the bottom of this page (mobile users).

For further informaiton on face masks and coverings, click here,

What to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19

For health information and advice click here.

Mental health support

In these challenging and unprecedented times, its normal to experience increased levels of stress, anxiety, low mood or depression. But don’t worry it’s common and you’re not alone. 

You can now also access dedicated SilverCloud online therapy modules to help reduce stress, anxiety and increase resilience as a result of COVID-19.  

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Note: you will need to enter one of the following PINs: HEREFORDSHIRE or WORCESTERSHIRE to access the modules.  

Below are a selection of useful links, tips and resources to help maintain your mental wellbeing. For further information on mental health support click here.

Support websites: