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Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, we have reviewed the way we provide our services to help keep our patients and staff safe. At this time we are not offering a walk-in service at any of our clinics, instead we're offering a telephone triage service. If a clinical need has been identified, you may then be invited to attend a face-to-face appointment. Contact details for each of our clinics can be found on the 'where to go for help' page.

Our online booking service is currently suspended.

Monkey Pox

Monkeypox is a rare infection that's mainly found in parts of west or central Africa. There have been some recent cases in the UK, but the risk of catching it is low. 

Although more people have been diagnosed with it recently, only a small number of people in the UK have had monkeypox and the risk remains low.

You're extremely unlikely to have monkeypox if:

  • you have not been in close contact (such as touching their skin or sharing bedding) with someone who has monkeypox or has monkeypox symptoms
  • you have not recently travelled to west or central Africa

Anyone can get monkeypox. Currently most cases have been in men who are gay, bisexual or have sex with men, so it's particularly important to be aware of the symptoms if you're in these groups.

Contact a sexual health clinic if:

You have a rash with blisters and either:

  • you've been in close contact, including sexual contact, with someone who has or might have monkeypox (even if they've not been tested yet) in the past 3 weeks
  • you've been to west or central Africa in the past 3 weeks

You must contact the clinic before visiting. Tell the person you speak to if you've had close contact with someone who has or might have monkeypox, or if you've recently travelled to central or west Africa.

Do not go to a sexual health clinic without contacting them first. Stay at home and avoid close contact with other people until you've been told what to do.

If you cannot get in touch with a sexual health clinic or need urgent help contact NHS111.

Did you know...

In August, a total of 154 patients failed to attend their appointments. If you're unable to attend, please let the team know so we can offer the appointment to someone else.

September 2022 – The current wait for a routine coil or implant procedure is 29 weeks (7 months). Cases are triaged and urgent patients will be seen sooner.

Please note, while STI testing is available from WISH or your GP, you can order a DIY testing kit from SH:24 to your home, all instructions are provided. SH:24 is a free online sexual health service, delivered in partnership with the NHS. SH:24 make it easy for people to get tested for the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They provide free test kits, information and advice - 24 hours a day. It is quick, discreet and completely confidential. Visit

Our sexual health clinics

Click the clinic name to view clinic location, building photos and directions in Google Maps.


Aconbury North (Worcestershire Royal Hospital) [opens in new window]

  • Address: Aconbury North, Worcester Royal Hospital Site, Newtown Road, Worcester, WR5 1JG
  • To arrange an appointment please ring triage line, call: 0300 123 1731 option 1 between 08.30 and 13.30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday (exclusive of bank holidays) and between 08.30 and 16:00 Tuesday and Thursday
  • Main reception line 0300 123 1731 option 2 between 08.30 and 13.30 Monday Wednesday and Friday (exclusive of bank holidays) and between 08.30 and 16:00 Tuesday and Thursday
  • Other enquiries: 0300 123 1731 (open Monday and Wednedays 08:30-18:00, Tuesday and Thursday 08:30 - 16:00, Friday 08:30 - 15:30)

Please note all services at Moor Street are currently closed.


Arrowside (located on the Alexandra Hospital site) [opens in new window]

Arrowside is currently undergoing building work, this may cause problems with the phone line, please note there is no answerphone facility.

  • Address: Arrowside, Alexandra Hospital Site Woodrow Drive, Redditch B98 7UB
  • Phone: 01527 488 588 (Monday 9:15-19:00, Wednesday, Thursday 9:15 – 16:00 and Friday 9:15 – 12:00)

Smallwood House [opens in new window]

  • These clinics are now suspended and have been re-directed to Arrowside. Tel 01527 488 588 (calls will be redirected to Arrowisde in Redditch)


Kidderminster Health Centre [opens in new window]

  • Address: Kidderminster Health Centre, Bromsgrove Street, Kidderminster, DY10 1PG
  • Phone: 01562 514 512. Monday - 9am to 2pm, Tuesday - 9am to 7pm, Wednesday - 9am to 2pm, Thursday - 9am to 7pm


Princess of Wales Community Hospital (POWCH) [opens in new window]

These clinics are now closed and have been suspended to Arrowside. Tel 01527 488 588(calls will be redirected to Arrowisde in Redditch)


Droitwich Medical Centre [opens in new window]

  • Address: Droitwich Medical Centre, Droitwich, WR9 8RD
  • Booked appointments only via triage line

Until further notice there will be no Tuesday morning clinic at Droitwich


Evesham Sexual Health Clinic - Under 21s only [opens in new window]

  • Address: Evesham Medical Centre, Abby Lane, Evesham, WR11 4BS
  • Phone: 01905 681 673 (lines open Saturday 09:30am- 12:30pm.

We provide a Saturday service for young people  UNDER 21. These clinics are held at various sites throughout the County.

If you need advice or treatment, call the number above between 9:30am-12:30pm on Saturday to speak to a nurse. If needed, you will be invited to a face to face appointment.

Sexual Health Under 21

Under 21 Saturday Service (venues vary)

APPOINTMENT ONLY, please don’t drop-in without an appointment

Telephone lines are open between 09:30 and 12:30pm on Saturdays. For appointments, please call: 01905 681673 (from all areas of Worcestershire)

You will have a telephone consultation and will be asked questions about your relationships. Please answer honestly so we can provide the most appropriate advice and support. You will be advised what to do next and directed towards a clinic if necessary.

Clinic locations

Venues and dates of under 21s clinics

Due to the bank holidays, Saturday 4th June at Evesham will be closed. 

  • June 4th Aconbury Worcester
  • June 11th Kidderminster Health Centre & Evesham
  • June 18th Aconbury Worcester
  • June 25th Arrowside Redditch
  • July 2nd Aconbury Worcester
  • July 9th Kidderminster Health Centre & Evesham
  • July 16th Aconbury Worcester
  • July 23rd Arrowside Redditch
  • July 30th Aconbury Worcester
  • August 6th Kidderminster Health Centre
  • August 13th Aconbury Worcester & Evesham
  • August 20th Arrowside Redditch
  • August 27th Aconbury Worcester
  • September 3rd Kidderminster Health Centre


Clinic FAQs

I am under 16 - do I have to tell my parents? 

No, everything you tell us remains confidential, unless you or someone else is at significant harm.  In this case we will let you know if we need to share information.

What will happen when I visit the service? 

You will complete a registration form if you are new to the service, wait in the waiting area and then when it is your turn you will be called by a nurse or doctor and taken into a clinic room.

Will you inform my GP if I visit the service? 

We do not inform GPs. If there is a requirement to contact a GP this would always be discussed with yourself first and consent gained.

What information will I need to share? 

We need to know basic information about you.  For example, which GP you are registered with, contact information and a password for your confidentiality.

This will be explained during your visit.  You will be asked personal questions about the reasons you’re attending during the consultation.

I have a disability, how can you help me? 

Do you need to know about accessibility?  Read our detailed guides on the AccessAble website. This shows you lots of details about the location of our sites and any facilities that may help to make you visit accessible for you.

Do you have a learning disability? Find out how we can help in our easy read guide. If you need help reading and/or writing reception staff will take you into a queit room to assist you. 

Sexual Health Outreach Team (for under 25yrs)

WiSH Sexual Health Outreach Nurses work with young people who cannot or are unable to access mainstream sexual health services. Find out more or make a professional referral.

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