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Sexual health - Service update

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Service change

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, as of Monday 23rd March ALL Walk-in appointments will be closed.  The Sexual Health service including Outreach service will be delivered via telephone/Webex triage and assessment. Following consultation with a Doctor/Nurse if medication is required a prescription will be written.

Only patients who have NO Covid-19 symptoms and require Urgent/Emergency treatment will be seen face to face, if required.

Patients needing to access the Sexual Health Service please call these numbers.

  •          Redditch & Bromsgrove- Arrowside - 01527 516398 (Telephone triage Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 09:15 – 16:00, Friday 09:15 – 12:00)
  •          Worcester and South Worcestershire- Aconbury North - 01905 681645 (Telephone triage Monday-Thursday 8.30-3pm  and 8.30-12.30 on Friday)
    At this time there will be NO separate under 21 year old clinics on Wednesdays or Saturdays, we therefore urge young people to make contact via our telephone line on 01905 681645.
  •          Kidderminster Sexual Health – Kidderminster Health Centre - 01562 514 512 

Please note: On a Friday you will need to call either Arrowside or Aconbury North

All patients in Worcestershire (regardless of age) can now apply for a postal STI screening kit. For more information or to order a kit click here.

The online booking service is suspended for use with immediate effect. Patients will be able to register online but there will be no appointments to access in this way until further notice. 

Online sexual health booking

Worcestershire Integrated Sexual Health Service now offer patients the opportunity to book online appointments in advance for STI screening and/or contraception at:

  • Aconbury North, Worcester

  • Arrowside Unit, Redditch

  • POWCH, Bromsgrove

  • Kidderminster Health Centre

Online booking criteria

The below questions will help identify if an online booking appointment is appropriate route for you. Please answer the following 4 questions to be sure that you are doing the right thing.

Are you 21 or under?

Yes - please see clinic timetable for additional walk-in clinics available to you as well as booking an appointment online (below). 
No - Please answer the next question.

Do you need emergency contraception or the morning after pill?

Yes – Book an appointment at your local clinic using the contact information above or visit your nearest pharmacy where you can receive the morning after pill 
No - Please answer the next question.

Have you been sexually assaulted?

Yes - There are a range of services that can help you. If you are not sure what to do then please contact your local sexual health clinic or Glade Sexual Assault Referral Centre. 
No - Please answer the next question.

Are you concerned that you have been exposed to HIV in the last 72 hours?

Yes -  Please contact your local clinic. Out of hours please attend your accident and emergency service.
No - Please follow the steps below to create an account and book your appointment online. 


Online Booking

  1. I want a combined appointment for contraception and a full STI Screen: Please book a 45 minute appointment here.

  2. I want a STI screen and have no symptoms: Please click here for a home testing kit or click here to book a 30 minute Asymptomatic appointment.

  3. I want an STI screen and have symptoms: Please book a 45 minute appointment here.

  4. I want a repeat contraception or new contraception: Please book a 30 minute appointment here. 

  5. I need to collect medication, vaccination or blood tests. Please book a 30 minute appointment here.

If you require pregnancy/termination advice contact your local service. 

Please click here for a guide for how to create an online patient account to book your appointments.

Sexual Health Clinic Timetable

Clinic FAQs

I am under 16 - do I have to tell my parents? 

No, everything you tell us remains confidential, unless you or someone else is at significant harm.  In this case we will let you know if we need to share information.

What will happen when I visit the service? 

You will complete a registration form if you are new to the service, wait in the waiting area and then when it is your turn you will be called by a nurse or doctor and taken into a clinic room.

Will you inform my GP if I visit the service? 

We do not inform GPs. If there is a requirement to contact a GP this would always be discussed with yourself first and consent gained.

What information will I need to share? 

We need to know basic information about you.  For example, which GP you are registered with, contact information and a password for your confidentiality.

This will be explained during your visit.  You will be asked personal questions about the reasons you’re attending during the consultation.

I have a disability, how can you help me? 

Do you need to know about accessibility?  Read our detailed guides at

Do you have a learning disability? Click here for our easy read guide: 

If you need help reading and/or writing reception staff will take you into a queit room to assist you. 

Sexual Health Outreach Team (for under 25yrs)

What services do you provide?

We provide contraception, screening and treatment of STIs. As well as advice and guidance around sexual health and relationships for up to 25 year olds.  

I’m under 16 – do I have to tell my parents / carers if I visit?

No, everything you talk to us about remains confidential.  On rare occasions we may have to tell somebody if we are concerned about your or someone else’s safety.

How do I arrange to see someone at your clinic?

You can arrange to see one of the team through your school health nurse, teacher, youth worker, social worker, family support worker, family nurse, CAMHS worker etc.

What will happen when I visit your service?

We will contact you and arrange a time and place to meet that’s convenient.  What happens during that visit very much depends on what you need.  We will discuss your sexual health and contraception needs. We will also talk about your relationships. If appropriate we’ll give you contraception. 

Can this be anonymous?

We encourage you to answer questions honestly. It is helpful if you do not remain anonymous.