Sexual Health - Outreach

WiSH Sexual Health Outreach Nurses work with people who cannot or are unable to access mainstream sexual health services.

We are a team of Sexual Health Outreach Nurses. The Sexual Health Nurses can see anyone in Worcestershire who may struggle to access mainstream sexual health or healthcare services. We currently accept professional referrals only.

We work with vulnerable clients to improve access to sexual health care. We engage with young people who are hard to reach within the community e.g. schools community hubs, homeless foyers, residential units and in patients homes.

Our Sexual Health Nurses offer one-to-one support information and guidance regarding contraception, sexually transmitted infections and safer sex. 

For information on local sexual health clinics, including under 21 clinics please visit our 'Where to go for help' page.

What services do you provide?

We provide contraception, screening and treatment of STIs, as well as advice and guidance around sexual health and relationships.

I’m under 16 – do I have to tell my parents/carers if I visit?

No, everything you talk to us about remains confidential.  On rare occasions we may have to tell somebody if we are concerned about your or someone else’s safety.

How do I arrange to see someone at your clinic?

You can arrange to see one of the team through your school health nurse, teacher, youth worker, social worker, family support worker, family nurse, CAMHS worker etc.

What will happen when I visit your service?

We will contact you and arrange a time and place to meet that’s convenient.  What happens during that visit very much depends on what you need.  We will discuss your sexual health and contraception needs. We will also talk about your relationships. If appropriate we’ll give you contraception. 

Can this be anonymous?

We encourage you to answer questions honestly. It is helpful if you do not remain anonymous. 

Outreach - Professional referrals

Referral criteria

The service aims to improve access to nurse-led level 1 and 2 sexual-health care. The service will be offered to high-risk and vulnerable populations as well as those that are not able to access services due to learning, mental and physical disabilities. Services should be provided where clinically appropriate, and suitable alternative provisions made otherwise.

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