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Community Paediatric Team

  • The Community Paediatric Team are Specialist Children’s Doctors (Paediatricians) and Advanced Clinical Practitioners who have experience in child health between 0 to 18 years. They see children in a community setting and provide ongoing care if there is a clinical need. They do clinical assessments for children and young people with long-term disability, developmental delay, neurodevelopmental conditions for example, ADHD and Autism.

  • Address: Covercroft,  Coleman Road, , Droitwich, WR9 8QU
  • Reception phone number: 01905 681071
  • Service hours: 09.00 to 16.30

About the service

Community Paediatricians work closely with children young people and families and also teams and professionals  from education settings and social care to ensure that a child is looked after in a joined up way in every environment they experience.

This means that we are very aware of the problems or difficulties children may have in school and/or at home and we can work together to ensure the child’s needs are met.

We have a statutory (legal) duty to tell the local education authority about any preschool children who are likely to need extra help in school. To do this we send a referral form to the Local Education Authority which is then discussed in a meeting called the Preschool Forum. In this meeting children with extra needs are discussed and appropriate help is allocated. More information about this can be found in the Worcestershire Local Offer and Graduated Response

We always ask for parents’ or guardians’ permission before this referral is completed and for this discussion to take place.

Our Doctors and Advanced Practitioners

Our doctors and advanced practitioners have a lot of experience in a wide range of conditions and are highly skilled in doing assessments to understand why children and young people experience difficulties or have delays in their development. They also have the expertise to manage complex diagnosis that lead to disabilities.

Our doctors and advanced practitioners have close links with doctors in general practice and in hospital. They refer to and liaise with a wide variety of health professionals with specialist expertise, including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and where needed Community Children’s Nursing and Palliative Care Teams.

We work with other agencies to support vulnerable children such as those in care or going through the adoption process. We also provide medical advice to education for children with special educational needs.

We see pre-school and school-age children. This is usually up to the age of 16, but in some cases we see children up to the age of 18.


What we do

The children and young people who are seen by Community Paediatrics include

Children and young people who experience:

  • Developmental delay or disorder in more than one domain
  • Assessment for possible Neuro-developmental conditions due to significant concern with attention, con­centration and /or hyperactivity.
  • Social and communication difficulties in pre-school aged children
  • Motor difficulties with neurological anomalies
  • Regression of development with loss of skills
  • Assessment of complex behavioural difficulties that continue following intervention from universal ser­vices such as early intervention family support workers
  • Sensory impairment including aetiology of sensori-neural hearing loss
  • Management and overview of complex long term health conditions requiring ongoing medical manage­ment by a Community Paediatrician such as cerebral palsy, degenerative conditions, genetic syndromes.


Community Paediatricians also have:

  • Statutory responsibilities for Special Educational Needs assessments (EHCP)
  • Statutory responsibilities for Child Protection, Looked after Children and adoption.
  • Responsibility to participate in specialist pathways including e.g. WMSAS/Umbrella/SUDIC

How to refer

We accept referrals from all children’s health professionals, including GPs, health visitors, school health nurses, other paediatricians, and therapists e.g. speech therapists and occupational therapists. We also accept referrals from Early Intervention Family Support workers, Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators and special schools

SEN Support in Mainstream Settings- The Graduated Response - Herefordshire & Worcestershire SENDIASS [Opens in a new Window]

Understanding the Graduated Response video - Herefordshire & Worcestershire SENDIASS [Open in a new Window]

Community Paeditrics Referral Form [odt] 34KB

Please send all referals to

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

All children should have access to the right services, at the right time, to make sure they can reach their full potential. We work together with other agencies to ensure that the right professionals are involved at the right time to meet the needs of you and your child. Find out more about how we support children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Who can refer to the Community Paediatric Service?

Please see our “referrals” section above

What are the referral criteria for the Community Paediatric Service?

Please see our “referrals” section above

My child has been referred to the Community Paediatric Service but I don’t know what happens next?

When your referral is received it will be triaged by one of the clinical team.

  • If the referral does not meet our criteria:

The referrer will receive a letter from us detailing why and potentially signposting to other services/agencies/self-help support groups/websites.  You will receive a copy of this letter so that you know the outcome

  • If it does meet the criteria:

The referral will be accepted into the service and an appointment will be offered to your child.  You will receive details of this appointment via a letter approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the date/time.

How long after a referral being accepted with the Community Paediatric will my child be seen?

We operate a policy for new referrals to be seen within 18 weeks in line with the National Referral to Treatment targets


How can I request another appointment?

If a follow up appointment is deemed clinically necessary your Community Paediatrician will detail this on your child’s record.  An appointment will be made for your child and a letter sent out to you approximately 3-4 weeks in advance.

We do NOT offer urgent appointments and all appointments are booked in line with the outcome from your previous appointment.

Please be aware there is always a high demand for appointments so you it may be that you have a slightly longer wait than you were expecting.

What do I need to do if I cannot make my allocated appointment?

If when you receive your appointment letter you are unable to make the date/time allocated then please contact the team to cancel.

This will help us to fill the appointment with another child and we will also be able to reschedule your child.

Please note that should you not attend or contact us to alert us to this then potentially your child could be discharged from the Community Paediatric service.  Following this your child would need to be re-referred to have any further input from the service.

When will I find out the outcome of my child’s appointment?

You will receive a letter summarising the discussions at your appointment. 

The time scale will vary depending on what (if anything) needs to be actioned following the appointment ~ everyone is different.

When will my child receive a diagnosis?

Diagnoses are rarely given on the first appointment, particularly if the child is very young.

It may be that onward referrals need to be made to other services/teams but this will be explained to you in the appointment and will be outlined in the correspondence you will receive following the appointment.


How do I make contact with the Community Paediatric Service?

Monday to Friday 9am – 4:30pm you can call the team on 01905 681071

Please note that we do receive a high volume of calls daily so we would ask that you are patient when trying to contact us.

The service will NOT tolerate any aggressive, abusive or threatening callers and should this happen the call will be terminated without hesitation.

My child’s contact details have changed ~ how can I let you know their new details?

Please contact the Community Paediatric Service on 01905 681071 to discuss the changes.  They will update your child’s patient record with the new details.

I am worried about my child and would like to speak with my child’s Paediatrician urgently?

If you need urgent advice in regards to your child you should contact either your GP, 111 or 999.

We are not an urgent/emergency service and are not able to respond to urgent calls/situations

Why am I being asked to complete questionnaire forms?

Any questionnaires, forms or reports that are requested will be required to form part of your child’s assessment to determine the correct diagnosis for them.

Please try and return these documents within 3-4 weeks so that there is no delay in them being added to your child’s record.

Can I get help completing questionnaires and forms?

Yes; speak to your child’s school, family support worker or Health Visitor for support.

How can I get results of any investigations my child has had done?

We will contact you via letter or discuss any results at your next review appointment with your paediatrician. 

Please note that the administrative team will not give out results over the phone and cannot discuss these with you.

How do I pass on a compliment, make a complaint or leave feedback?

For compliments, complaints and feedback you can contact the Trust’s Patient Relations Team on 01905 681517 or

I am travelling and need a letter to prove my child’s diagnosis

Your last clinic letter will be enough evidence to show to airlines, theme parks etc. 

Please keep your clinic letters safe.