Freedom of Information - HWHCT- 228

Our ref HWHCT- 228

18 October 2022

International recruitment

FOI request:

Please could you answer the below questions in relation to international/overseas recruitment during financial year 2021/2022;

  1. During the last financial year how many nurses, doctors or AHP have been recruited internationally via an agency?
  2. How much spend has been used for international recruitment?
  3. What agencies do you currently use for international recruitment?
  4. How did the trust engage with these agencies (direct award, Call off agreement, Mini tender)?
  5. How many vacancies do the Trust have for nurses, doctors and AHPs?
  6. Who in your trust is responsible for international recruitment?

Trust response:

  1. 5.
  2. £107k for 2021/22.
  3. NHSP International.
  4. We do not have a directly engaged agency, we have agreement to operate through the contract Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust has with NHSP International.
  5. Vacancies as at 31/3/2022:

Workforce Vacancies as at the 31.03.22

Registered Nurses, Midwifery and Health visiting staff WTE - 225.8 

Community Nursing staff- 141.8

Medical and Dental 16.8

Registered AHP - 1.3

  1. This falls under the remit of Elaine Clough – Director of People & Organisational Development and Natalie Willetts – Director of Nursing and Quality, details available on Trust website via the following link: Our Board | Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust (

Please be aware that although this information is accurate at the time it is provided, it may not be in the future and should not be relied upon.