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Wheelchair, Posture & Mobility Service

  • The wheelchair, posture and mobility service is a county-wide service offering assessment, provision and ongoing maintenance of wheelchairs and specialised seating to people with a high level of need. The service is based at Crown Lane, Wychbold and is made up of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation engineers and technicians. The clinical team is fully supported by an administrative team.

  • Address: Crown Lane, Wychbold, WR9 0BX
  • Reception phone number: 01905 520834
  • Service hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm (phone line manned from 9am-12:30am)

About the service

What type of wheelchair can we provide?

  • Attendant or carer pushed manual wheelchair
  • Self-propelled manual wheelchair
  • Supportive buggies for children with complex needs
  • Electric powered indoor chairs (EPIC) for clients who have no other means of moving around indoors. If you are able to use walking aids or move yourself in a manual wheelchair within the home you would not be eligible for a powered wheelchair. 
  • Electric powered indoor/ outdoor chairs (EPIOC). You may be eligible for this type of chair, if you are eligible for an EPIC and have suitable access in and out of your home.

We may also need to consider:

  • Supportive seating
  • Pressure relief
  • Some accessories

These will be discussed at the point of assessment.  


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I qualify for the service?

  • I have a Worcestershire GP.
  • I need a wheelchair for more than 6 months.
  • I need the wheelchair at least once a week, to attend ongoing medical appointments or daycare.
  • I have a medical condition which affects my ability to walk in my home.

If you answer yes to all of the above questions you contact your GP or other healthcare professional and request a referral to the service.


What happens after referral has been made? 

Every referral we receive is ‘screened’ to ensure the referral meets the above criteria. If the form is fully completed and there is enough information for us to identify appropriate equipment we will have this delivered to you. 

If we need to show you more complex equipment or assess you further, we will arrange to see you in clinic. We will contact you with appointment details. 

If we are unable to assess you for equipment because you don’t meet the service criteria we will send you a letter explaining this, and provide you with information on alternative sources for wheelchairs. In the event you might disagree with our decision you should discuss this with the person who filled out the referral form. Our decision is based on the information they have provided. 

We will also send you information including

  • Hire of manual wheelchairs
  • What to look for if you want to buy a wheelchair


What don’t we provide?

  • Scooters, tricycles, sports wheelchairs
  • Electrically powered wheelchairs for outdoor use only
  • Powerpack or attendant controlled powered wheelchairs
  • Transit wheelchairs for use in nursing homes
  • Standing wheelchairs or seat risers.
  • Powered elevating leg rests
  • Hub brakes/ attendant brakes
  • Accessories including; trays, rain covers, sun shades, walking stick holders or lights

How do I maintain the wheelchair?

When the Wheelchair Service supplies equipment, it is on loan to you. You have a responsibility to keep it safe, clean and check it on a regular basis. Worcestershire Wheelchair Service has a duty of care to repair and maintain it which is free of charge.

Worcestershire Wheelchair Service contract repairs and maintenance of their wheelchairs to Rosscare Limited.

You can contact them by telephone to arrange your repairs on: 01902 916976