Sexual Health - Pharmacy services

We are pleased to announce that Worcestershire Integrated Sexual Health Services are working with a number of local pharmacies on a pilot to increase access to oral contraception. This will enable women to collect their pills from one of the below pharmacies*, rather than having to attend a sexual health clinic.

*As this is a pilot project, not all pharmacies will be included in the scheme. Therefore we advise you to phone your pharmacy first to check that trained staff are available and ensure pills can be issued. 

Please note:

  • Combined contraceptive pills (only one type is available) are only available for women under 40 years of age. 
  • Progestogen only (desogestrel) (mini) pills are available for women of all ages.

When attending a pharmacy to collect your pills, the pharmacist may ask to take your blood pressure and check your BMI measurement. They may also ask some questions about you and your relationships for safeguarding reasons. This is routine to ensure the pill you're being given is the best option for you, and that you're safe and healthy.

Pharmacies providing oral contraception (pilot sites)