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Hear from our staff

Explore what a career in healthcare is really like here from our colleagues in the blogs below. If you're interested in applying, you can also view all our vacancies on NHS jobs.

A Youth Board experience evolving into a nursing career with the NHS

Megan Snow, Community Nurse and Youth Board Consultant

How did you hear about Youth Board?    

I heard about Youth Board through my mum as she is a teacher and had seen advertising for this. I then applied and had an informal meeting with the Youth Board lead at the time and was offered the voluntary role as a Youth Board Advisor and later became a Youth Board Consultant. 

What made you want to get involved in Youth Board?                                              

I wanted to get involved in Youth Board as I was particularly passionate about parity of esteem from my own personal experiences. From these experiences I decided I wanted to become a nurse in the future so becoming a member of the Youth Board enabled me to gain relevant and unique experience. I also wanted to gain more confidence in public speaking, so Youth Board was a great place to start.

What attracted you to working in a healthcare environment?                       

As a patient I was so grateful for the care I received from many different healthcare professionals. It amazed me how such small moments and actions could change someone’s life and I realised I wanted to make this difference too no matter the size of it.

How did Youth Board help in your chosen career path and/or in your personal life? 

Youth Board has developed both my personal and professional skills. I have grown in confidence significantly since joining Youth Board, this is thanks to the nurturing nature of all the Youth Board members. I have also learnt about the organisational working of the NHS and the various processes that must be undertaken to create change. Additionally, my communication skills have improved due to the variety of projects Youth Board has been a part of, such as being on interview panels and assisting in the creation of the BESTIE app for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). 

What is your current job role and were you studying at the time during Youth Board?

I am now working as a Community Staff Nurse in one of the Neighbourhood Teams where we provide care for patients within their home. I am really enjoying my job and grateful to be part of such a supportive team. I have been a member of Youth Board from being in secondary school during my GCSEs through to now working as a nurse.

What is (or was) your favourite thing about being part of Youth Board?           

My favourite part about Youth Board are the people that make up Youth Board. We are able to bring our own experiences and knowledge to meetings and speak freely with no judgement. You are able to make connections with each other and support each other to express their own views. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to a young person who is considering joining Youth Board?           

If you considering Youth Board, I would say give it a go! There are various voluntary roles in Youth Board so it can fit around your own schedule. As a group we welcome new volunteers as we value the individual experiences and knowledge people can bring.

Find out more about joining Youth Board through our main trust website [opens new website].

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