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Hear from our staff

Explore what a career in healthcare is really like here from our colleagues in the blogs below. If you're interested in applying, you can also view all our vacancies on NHS jobs.

Expand your horizons with a non clinical apprenticeship in the NHS

Daniel Barber, data analyst

Written by Daniel from the Informatics Team — Data Analyst Level 4 Apprentice

The apprenticeship involved various knowledge and skills around data analysis. This included statistical analysis, data warehouses, data life cycles, data visualisation, and presenting of data etc. These skills helped to develop my understanding of our Trust’s data warehouse, using the data programming tools (SQL, Excel, Microsoft Power BI). As well as learning about other programming tools (Python and R).  

The apprenticeship was a gateway to a career with handling data, which was an area I had always wanted to explore. The apprenticeship also gave me the opportunity to gain a qualification, skills, and knowledge around data analysis whilst working full time.

My job role involves managing information requests, analysing data for adhoc reports, completing daily/monthly datasets, as well as for monthly national returns. I also complete data quality checks, and I have been helping with the Carenotes Restoration. All these tasks require me to be competent in using Excel, Microsoft Power BI, and the data warehouse when extracting data (SQL).

The apprenticeship was invaluable to gain the skills required to do my role. During the apprenticeship, I learnt about database structures, statistical analysis, data visualisation, and the data life cycle (to research, collate, execute, clean up, and analyse the data, and present the information). As well as using the data warehouse programming tool (SQL).

Learning how to use SQL, writing queries, and understanding when reading SQL queries was especially important to me during the apprenticeship. This was because I knew it would set me up to career progression, gaining specialised skills, and being able to further support the team I work with. I know with the skills gained from the apprenticeship; it has opened more opportunities for me to work up to a higher level within my department in the Trust.

I will apply what I have learnt to become expert in my current role. I will also use the qualification to prepare for opportunities, where I can aim for a career promotion within my department.

The main advantages are gaining skills on the job and being able to apply what I have learnt in a practical setting. Being able to work full time and gain a qualification within the department where I can excel in has opened further career opportunities, which I hadn’t had before in any prior role.

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