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First of its kind menopause conference held for NHS workforce

Image of Kate Leese Health and Wellbeing Lead from Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust alongside event speakers from Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust the Newton Clinic and event organisers

NHS organisations from Herefordshire and Worcestershire came together last week at an event aimed at supporting their workforce through menopause. 

Hosted by Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, the menopause conference brought together staff from organisations across the two counties to share their experiences and hear from clinicians about the effects of menopause and the types of support available.

Menopause is a natural part of ageing caused by changing hormone levels. Those going through menopause are likely to experience a range of physical and mental health symptoms, including changes to their mood, issues with their memory and concentration, as well as hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, headaches, muscle aches and joint paint.

It is estimated that 13 million people are currently menopausal or perimenopausal in the UK. 

In the NHS, it’s believed around a fifth of its workforce are female and of perimenopause or menopause age. 

The event sought to break down the barriers and stigma surrounding menopause, ensuring staff feel supported to speak about menopause both at work, and in their personal lives. 

Attendees heard from an expert panel of speakers, comprising of GPs and menopause specialists who spoke about perimenopause, menopause, and treatment options, as well as consultant psychiatrists discussing the impact of menopause on a person’s wellbeing and emotional health. 

There was also an opportunity for managers and supervisors to learn how best to support colleagues going through this stage of their life.

 Kate Leese, Health and Wellbeing Lead at Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust said: “We hope the conference will help everyone to feel comfortable about having open and honest conversations about the menopause, as the changing age of the UK’s workforce now means that between 8 in 10 of the menopausal women are in work. It’s essential that everyone has the knowledge and understanding to be able to support themselves, family, friends, and colleagues at this stage in their lives.” 

Steve Sidwell, Information and Performance Manager at Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust and conference attendee said: “It was great to attend this fantastic conference, as it’s important for all staff to embrace and be involved in menopause discussions and its importance within the workplace moving forward.”

Following last week’s conference health and social care staff are encouraged to keep conversation flowing in the workplace and to reach out to other colleagues, managers, occupational health, HR or the Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub if you need additional support or advice relating to the menopause. 


Anyone experiencing menopausal symptoms should speak to their GP to discuss their symptoms and potential treatment options. Further information on menopause can be found on the NHS website.

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