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Hear from our staff

Explore what a career in healthcare is really like here from our colleagues in the blogs below. If you're interested in applying, you can also view all our vacancies on NHS jobs.

Joining the Trust as an International Nurse

Nurse at an airport leaving moving to the UK

''Hello, my name is Baby Gleetar I am an International Nurse from Kerala, India. I made my move some years ago back in 2004, and I am now a proud citizen of the United Kingdom.

One of the reasons I chose to move was to start a new life. The process took a lot of thought and planning. I was looking for career development and better life standards not only for me but also for my family. 

I have friends work all over the world, some had moved to UK from other countries and after much consideration and thinking, the UK my choice to emigrate to. 

Prior to moving, I had gained my Nursing and Midwifery qualification from Kerala. The qualification was an advanced diploma which was 3–4-year programme including an internship.

When I applied for the job here, I had already applied to NMC (previously named UKCC). I applied through an agency which had advertised in a local newspaper. After a lot of perseverance and waiting, I boarded my flight to the UK in June 2004. 

These days the visa process and travel process area a lot quicker and safer being monitored and far more transparent. One of the good things is that NHS hospitals are involved in the recruitment and interview directly. There is also plenty of support with relocation and visa applications. 

I was supported very well by the Trust when I reached the UK, we were received at the airport and accompanied to our accommodation. I was given good orientation and an induction to the workplace and culture. I completed my adaption programme and joined NMC register which took 4-5 months as I hadn't worked outside India at all. 

In terms of difference in culture I felt most people and colleagues were supportive and inviting. I felt the freedom as a surprise there was no interference and I had the freedom to travel and shop any time of the day. People were generally friendly everyone took a surprise to my name and took time to get used to call me by name!

I would say to anyone looking to come over to work and live in the UK that you don't need to stress too much as visa processing and relocation process is very straightforward and transparent these days. I would encourage everyone to do a bit of research of the local area and employer before you travel. Please make use of your contacts you have been given throughout, keep good communication with them and come with an open mind, expect the changes in culture, practice and embrace the changes.''

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