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Parent Activities at Home

Speech Sounds

These are games to help children hear the difference between speech sounds.

Download a guide to playing the games here: Speech discrimination games.pdf [pdf] 207KB

Below you can watch some of the children we work with showing you how to play the games:





These activities will support the phonics work you get from your child's school and are fun ways to work on reading and spelling without needing a pen and pencil!

Compound words.pdf [pdf] 233KB


caterpillar.pdf [pdf] 97KB

Vowels.pdf [pdf] 265KB

letters and vowels.pdf [pdf] 182KB


Where in the word.pdf [pdf] 267KB


Barrier Activities

Barrier games are a great way to get children talking and help them to understand what information they need to include so you understand. Even better you can use your own toys to play!  Here are some ideas using Duplo/Lego and Mr Potato Head!

Download pictures here: Duplo barrier.pdf[pdf] 367KB

and instructions for playing the duplo barrier game here Duplo instructions.pdf [pdf] 317KB

Mr Potato Head Barrier game.pdf[pdf] 281KB



Rhyme is a tricky skill for lots of children but it is also a really useful skill that can help children's literacy.

Download our guide to working on children's awareness of rhyme here: Raising awareness of rhyme 2020.pdf [pdf] 187KB

These are some fun games to try at home to introduce the concept of rhyme:

New picnic game.pdf [pdf] 331KB

Rhyme anchor chart 1.pdf [pdf] 153KB

Rhyming Clues game with adult cues.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Word Levels

Thinking about Key Word Levels is a structured way to work on children's understanding of words.

Download our guide to wrorking at Key Word Levels here: Key word Information.pdf [pdf] 469KB

Download lots of activiites to work on Key Word Levels with your own toys at home here: Key Word Level activities topic based.pdf [pdf] 514KB



2 key word level activities.pdf [pdf] 449KB


3 key word level activities.pdf [pdf] 465KB


Teaching children to clap out words into individual syllables can really help their speech but is also really useful for spelling too.

Download our guide to raising children's awareness of syllables here: Syllable handout  2021.pdf [pdf] 757KB

Here are some games to try at home. You can use their toys such as toy animals or play food or use photos of topic words - anything that interests them!

syllable game.pdf [pdf] 419KB

syllable claps.pdf [pdf] 128KB

Language Concepts

These are some specific activities to teach children some of the tricky language concepts they need to understand instructions in the classroom and at home.

Time line vocabulary 2020.pdf [pdf] 146KB

Abstract Concepts.pdf [pdf] 672KB

This is a really useful activity to play with any new vocabualry to help children practise new words.

Semantic cue cards 2020.pdf [pdf] 620KB


The language of maths can be very challenging to understand for many children. For example, understanding that 'times' and 'multiply' mean the same thing and so do 'take away' and 'minus'. These are some activities to help children overcome some of the barriers language poses to solving maths problems:

Number word sorting.pdf [pdf] 145KB

Teen ty resource.pdf [pdf] 207KB



 Download our top 5 ways to help listening  here

5 ways to help listening  

Cue cards for listening rules

 Early Years listening rules cards 1 Early Years Listening rules cards 2

Download Early Years Listening rule cue cards  here

  School age listening cue cards 1 School age listening cue cards 2

Download School age Listening rule cue  cards here

Listening games for home

Download listening games for home below:

Looking games for home


Sitting still games for home

Sitting Still

 Listening games for home


Staying quiet games

Staying quiet


Download Stop/go signs here  

Stop go signs Stop go sign

Download emotion pictures to play 'who feels different?' here

Emotion pictures for who feels different

Download our mini brain breaks here

  Mini Brain Breaks

Speech and Phonological Processing

Phonological resources

  Sequencing caterpillar

  Sequencing caterpillar


Improving sound awareness

Early sound awareness  

Compound words

Compound words  

Vowel pictures

Vowel pictures


Where in the word

Where in the word


Speech games

Speech games 

Little alien words

Alien reading

Alien spelling

Alien spelling


Aliens vs humans

real & non words


Rhyme anchor

Rhyme anchor  

Rhyme awareness

 Rhyme awareness

Rhyming clues

rhyming clues


Rhyming picnic game

rhyming picnic


Syllable awarness Syllable awarenss

Syllable claps

 syllable claps


Syllable search

Syllable search

Syllable game

Syllable game


Syllable wall display

Syllable wall display




Catch me doing it charts

Catch me doing it football


Catch me doing it princess


Catch me doing it spaceman


Catch me doing it superman


Initial sounds

 b (12 pics).pdf

 ch (12 pics).pdf

 ck (12 pics).pdf

 d (12 pics) - 1.pdf

 f (12 pics) - 1.pdf

 g (12 pics) - 1.pdf

 h (12 pics).pdf

 j (12 pics).pdf

 l (12 pics).pdf

 m (12 pics).pdf

 n (12 pics).pdf

Initial sounds 

p (12 pics).pdf

 s (12 pics) - 1.pdf

 r (12 pics) - 1.pdf

 sh (12 pics).pdf

 t (12 pics).pdf

 th voiced (12 pics).pdf

 th voiceless (12 pics).pdf

 v (12 pics).pdf

 w (12 pics).pdf

 y (12 pics).pdf

 z (12 pics).pdf

Final sounds

- b (12 pics).pdf

 - ch (12 pics).pdf

 - ck (12 pics).pdf

 - d (12 pics).pdf

 - f.pdf [pdf]

 - g (12 pics).pdf

 - j (12 pics).pdf

 - l (12 pics).pdf

 - m (12 pics).pdf 


Final sounds

- n (12 pics).pdf

 - ng (12 pics).pdf

 - p (12 pics).pdf

 - s (12 pics).pdf

 - sh (12 pics).pdf

 - t (12 pics).pdf

 - th (12 pics).pdf

 - v.pdf [pdf]

 - z (12 pics).pdf


S Blends

sk - (12 pics).pdf [pdf] 71KB

sl - (12 pics).pdf [pdf] 85KB

sm - (12 pics).pdf [pdf] 74KB

sn - (12 pics).pdf [pdf] 78KB

sp - (12 pics).pdf [pdf] 99KB

st - (12 pics).pdf [pdf] 73KB

sw - (12 pics).pdf [pdf] 65KB



l blends

 - bl - (12 pics).pdf

 - fl - (12 pics).pdf

 - gl - (12 pics) x 2 sets.pdf

 - kl - (12 pics).pdf

 - pl - (12 pics).pdf





Language Resources

Early Years Concept Screens

Early Years Concept Screen Level 1

Concepts Screen Level 1 

Early Years Concept Screen Level 2

Concepts Screen Level 2

Early Years Concept Screen Level 3

Concepts Screen Level 3


  Vocabulary resources

     5 ways to make a word stick                     5 ways to sort vocabulary 

5 ways to make vocabulary stick    5 ways to sort vocabulary

Download vocabulary tips here                      Download SAY IT resource here   

Vocabulary tips      Say it


Download our word square here                 Download our syllable frame here  

   Word square    Syllable wall display                     

Adverb charades                     Plan for my day  

Download adverb charades here                  Download plan for my day here  

Early Years Vocabulary Resources

Cue cards nouns

Early Years Cue Cards for nouns

EY Word map nouns

EY Word Map - nouns

School age Word map    

Cue cards concepts

Early Years Cue Cards - concepts

Word map concepts

EY Word Map - concepts

Cue cards verbs

Early Years Cue Cards - verbs

Word map verbs

Cue cards - verbs

Say it cards

Say it cards

Memory resources

Self help memory

Self help memory strategies 

Key Working memory facts

Key facts strategies about working memory 

Homework planner

Homework Planner 2021.




Time words to move a story on


Download Time words to move a story on here

 Roll a story

Download Roll a story here


Pronoun cue card

Download Pronoun programme here

 Levels of knowing a word.pdf [pdf] 149KB

 Bookmark - Understanding Characters [pdf] 363KB

Bookmark To Support Narrative [pdf] 356KB

Comparatives 2024.pdf [pdf] 171KB

Comparatives Cracking The Code! [pdf] 159KB

Connective choice 2024.pdf [pdf] 137KB

Irregular Plural Families.pdf [pdf] 310KB

Prefixes [pdf] 148KB

Pronoun Guide [pdf] 187KB

Question Words [pdf] 267KB

Star Wars Question Words [pdf] 310KB

Suffixes [pdf] 144KB

Vocabulary Sorting Planner [pdf] 167KB

Vocabulary Tips [pdf] 292KB

Communication TAs Resources


Worcestershire Communication TA - Autumn term 21

Listening session resources

Communication TA Autumn presentation

Download the presentation here


  Who feels different

Download Looking Pairs here


Christmas Listening to ALL the words

 Download Christmas Listening here and nonsense words here 


Download Lilypads here

What am i

Download What am i here


Topic maintenance

Download Topic maintenance here 

Discussion Vs Teaching

Discussion vs teaching

Mini brain breaks

Mini brain breaks

Blank cue cards

Blank Cue cards


What helps me to listen

What helps me to listen 

Early Years Listening games

EY Listening Games to try at home

Listening games for home

Download games for home:

Sitting Still

Worcestershire Communication TA - Summer term


Summer term resources

Summer term 21 presentation

Download the presentation here

5 ways to support reluctant speakers

5 ways to support reluctant speakers

Supporting reluctant speakers

Supporting reluctant talkers - Early Years 

Stages of confident speaking

Stages of Confident speaking

Stages of confident speaking with intervention

Stages of Confident speaking with intervention

  Communicative load

Communicative load

What not to say primary

What not to say to your Primary Reluctant Speaker.

What not to say secondary

What not to say to your Reluctant Speaker secondary.


Worcestershire Communication TA - Spring term

Supporting Speech intervention

Communication TA Spring term 2021 presentation

Download this term's presentation here


Typical ages of speech development

Typical ages for developing English sounds 


Phonics foundations

Sequencing caterpillar

caterpillar.pdf [pdf] 97KB

Compound words

Compound words.pdf 

musical instruments - Demo video 13

Compound words - Demo video 2


Syllable claps

syllable claps 2021.pdf 

Syllable game

Syllable handout 2021.pdf

syllable game[

 Syllable sortting - Demo video 1

Syllable game - Demo video 23


Sound discrimination

Same different picture

Download same different picture here

Download segmentation tasks here

  Listening for sounds - Demo 28

Initial sound discrimination - Demo 10

Initial sounds EY - Demo 30

Listening for mistakes - initial - Demo 8 

Listening for mistakes - final - Demo 11

Listening for correct version - Demo 33

Same different - Demo 34 & Demo 35

Where in the Word - Demo 36

Speech bubble phoneme fram

Speech bubble phoneme frame CVC

Speech bubble phoneme frame CV



Rhyme anchor chart

Rhyme anchor chart

Rhyme picnic game

New picnic game.pdf [

Semantic clues rhyme game Rhyming Clues game with adult cues.pdf 

Picnic game - Demo 18

Semantic clues rhyme game  - Demo 19

What to do when you don't understand

Understand Me [pdf]

Understand me




Wychavon EY communication TAs

Covid-19 Listening resources

Covid listening plan

6 week Covid friendly plan

EY 6 week Covid plan

Emotion pictures

Who feels different pictures


Money monster chestMoney monster chest

Lily pad  



animal pictures



Stop go signs

Stop go signs 

balancing technology

Balancing technology


EY listening games for home

EY games for home



Summer term 2020

Download this term's presentation here 

Download this term's update here

Summer term 2020 Resources
Red tools Yellow tools Green tools Blue tools
Sensory profile Zones boards Zones boards blank

  Is my behaviour expected

Now and Next board 5 point feeling scale How big is my problem Plan B


English as an additional language resources