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Worcestershire Communication TA - Autumn term 21

Listening session resources

Communication TA Autumn presentation

Download the presentation here


  Who feels different

Download Looking Pairs here


Christmas Listening to ALL the words

 Download Christmas Listening here and nonsense words here 


Download Lilypads here

What am i

Download What am i here


Topic maintenance

Download Topic maintenance here 

Discussion Vs Teaching

Discussion vs teaching

Mini brain breaks

Mini brain breaks

Blank cue cards

Blank Cue cards


What helps me to listen

What helps me to listen 

Early Years Listening games

EY Listening Games to try at home

Listening games for home

Download games for home:

Sitting Still

Worcestershire Communication TA - Summer term


Summer term resources

Summer term 21 presentation

Download the presentation here

5 ways to support reluctant speakers

5 ways to support reluctant speakers

Supporting reluctant speakers

Supporting reluctant talkers - Early Years 

Stages of confident speaking

Stages of Confident speaking

Stages of confident speaking with intervention

Stages of Confident speaking with intervention

  Communicative load

Communicative load

What not to say primary

What not to say to your Primary Reluctant Speaker.

What not to say secondary

What not to say to your Reluctant Speaker secondary.


Worcestershire Communication TA - Spring term

Supporting Speech intervention

Communication TA Spring term 2021 presentation

Download this term's presentation here


Typical ages of speech development

Typical ages for developing English sounds 


Phonics foundations

Sequencing caterpillar

caterpillar.pdf [pdf] 97KB

Compound words

Compound words.pdf 

musical instruments - Demo video 13

Compound words - Demo video 2


Syllable claps

syllable claps 2021.pdf 

Syllable game

Syllable handout 2021.pdf

syllable game[

 Syllable sortting - Demo video 1

Syllable game - Demo video 23


Sound discrimination

Same different picture

Download same different picture here

Download segmentation tasks here

  Listening for sounds - Demo 28

Initial sound discrimination - Demo 10

Initial sounds EY - Demo 30

Listening for mistakes - initial - Demo 8 

Listening for mistakes - final - Demo 11

Listening for correct version - Demo 33

Same different - Demo 34 & Demo 35

Where in the Word - Demo 36

Speech bubble phoneme fram

Speech bubble phoneme frame CVC

Speech bubble phoneme frame CV



Rhyme anchor chart

Rhyme anchor chart

Rhyme picnic game

New picnic game.pdf [

Semantic clues rhyme game Rhyming Clues game with adult cues.pdf 

Picnic game - Demo 18

Semantic clues rhyme game  - Demo 19

What to do when you don't understand

Understand Me [pdf]

Understand me




Wychavon EY communication TAs

Covid-19 Listening resources

Covid listening plan

6 week Covid friendly plan

EY 6 week Covid plan

Emotion pictures

Who feels different pictures


Money monster chestMoney monster chest

Lily pad  



animal pictures



Stop go signs

Stop go signs 

balancing technology

Balancing technology


EY listening games for home

EY games for home



Summer term 2020

Download this term's presentation here 

Download this term's update here

Summer term 2020 Resources
Red tools Yellow tools Green tools Blue tools
Sensory profile Zones boards Zones boards blank

  Is my behaviour expected

Now and Next board 5 point feeling scale How big is my problem Plan B