Compassionate and Inclusive Culture

From March 2024 to July 2024, everyone who works for Herefordshire & Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust who has a supervisory, managerial, or leadership role, is attending 3 sessions with A Kind Life. These sessions will start to equip managers with some of the skills they need to shape the environment where a compassionate and inclusive culture can develop.

There are seven topics spread across the 3 sessions:

Part 1: Why kindness

The secret ingredient that grows staff engagement, improves patient experience, and contributes to better patient outcomes.

Watch Part 1: Why kindness below or click here.


Part 2: Being curious

Would you like to be more intelligent? Even more intelligent than you already are? Are you ready to find out how? There is an approach to life and work that has been proven by neuroscience to be the only thing you can do that will make you more intelligent. What do you think it might be?

Watch Part 2: Being curious below or click here.


Part 3: More good days

Attitudes are infectious. When people are thinking positive thoughts at work, they’re 23% more productive at completing tasks than people thinking negative thoughts, grumbling and moaning. Find out how you can enjoy more good days and create them for others.

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Part 4: ABC of appreciation

Studies have shown that successful organisations, teams, families, and personal relationships, tend to receive 5 times as much positive feedback as critical feedback. Find out how the ABC of appreciation could help you today.

Watch Part 4: ABC of appreciation below or click here.


It’s really as simple as that. Someone just seeing and noticing your efforts and saying thanks. How much does that cost? Nothing right? Discover a super simple structure to help you appreciate someone today.

Part 5: Top tips for kindness

Kindness can show up in lots of ways. Sometimes it is as simple as just being interested in people and hearing them. Find out how the ripple effect of kindness can make a difference to you.

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Part 6: Practical kindness

Being kind to others helps them, but it’s also important to be kind to ourselves too, or else your bucket will be empty. How close are you to the magic ration of 5 positive words to 1 negative word? Could you be more generous to others, or to yourself?

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Part 7: It's up to you

The benefits of choosing to have a positive attitude, and what UP and DOWN thinking means at work.

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