Cromwell House

Cromwell House building


Cromwell House is a Community based ‘inpatient’ rehabilitation unit.

The service works with people with high levels of disability from complex co-morbid conditions that require a longer period of inpatient rehabilitation to stabilise. This group has significant associated risks to their own health and/or safety and/or others. This patient group may have been in ward/restrictive settings for many years and lost/not developed independent living skills.

The unit is staffed 24 hours a day by nurses and support workers with regular input from other members of the Trust. 

How to contact us

Location: Cromwell House, 34 Turrall Street, Worcester, WR3 8AJ

Ward Manager: 

Ami Edwards
Ward Manager
Tel: 01905 681478


Your Stay

Your recovery journey

Bitesize interventions are an active process aimed to address all aspects of an individual’s recovery journey. The sessions include topics such as Mindfulness, anxiety management and peer support. By incorporating topics which cover these skills, they will give patients the independence needed to manage during periods of ill health as well as good. The aim of the recovery unit is to enhance individual’s independence and empower people ready for community living, by taking back autonomy and incorporating regular, meaningful and enjoyable activities. More information about Comwell House