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Establishing Clinically & Financially Sustainable Services

We will establish sustainable services through development of the right networks and collaborations across and beyond the STP footprint to improve urgent care, cancer care, elective care, maternity services, and specialist mental health and learning disability services. We are establishing the right networks and collaborating with various partners to establish clinical and sustainable services.


We have highlighted priority pathways for improvement which are Breast, Colorectal and Urological Cancer. We have organised clinical and service user engagement events to share views and help shape our STP cancer plan. The aims of this engagement is to seek feedback on prevention, diagnostics, workforce, follow-up pathways and survivorship schemes.

Learning Disabilities:

Our aim is to improve Learning Disability services which are provided in the community to deliver the Transforming Care agenda. We want LD services which prevent hospital admissions, maintain health and wellbeing and promote and optimise independence.


We have launched our Local Maternity Systems (LMS) Plan. The event was an important milestone in taking forward our LMS Plan and ensuring we all work together to meet the national challenges set, and provide the highest quality safe services to women and their families across the system.

Mental Health:

We have agreed the Mental Health 5 year Forward View delivery plan for Herefordshire and Worcestershire, which includes suicide prevention strategies, joint dementia and perinatal mental health strategy, delivery of the CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) transformation plan, increasing access to psychological therapies and improving perinatal mental health across both counties.