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2023 EBP Conference — 16-20.10.23

National conference hosted by us: 2023 EBP conference - Leaders in their field and inspirational research careers. 

We had a fantastic week hosting our 3rd FREE virtual EBP conference which this year went national! HUGE thanks to the fantastic host of speakers who engaged and inspired delegates and to everyone who attended. Over 650 tickets were allocated across the week and delegate feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Please see the agenda below INCLUDING links to recordings:

Day 1 - 16.10.23: Social & Community Psychiatry; Peri-natal mental health; Addiction; Psychosis and cognitive neuroscience

Day 2 - 17.10.23: Psychosis; Cognitive screening and rehabilitation; Dementia

Day 3 - 18.10.23: Inspirational research career journeys 

Day 4: 19.10.23: Dietetics; Rehabilitation & Conditioning; Community based research; the RIVA study

Day 5: 20.10.23: EBP - what's happening here at HWHCT

  • 'NHS Early Rehabilitation Gym Strength Class: MSK-HQ Changes, Patient Satisfaction and Ongoing Self-Management for Mixed Ages and Musculoskeletal Conditions' - Simon Meadows - Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, HWHCT. 
  • ‘Neighbourhood Mental Health Team Occupational Matters Programme’ - Abigail Brown - Occupational Therapist, Hereford Neighbourhood Mental Health Service, HWHCT. Recording: 
  • 'Exploring links between hearing loss and Dementia in adults with Down Syndrome' - Saffron Davies - Community Learning Disability Nurse, South Worcestershire Community Learning Disability Team, HWHCT. Presentation slides:  Saffron Davies Slides for EBP conference.pptx [pptx] 6MB 
  • 'Health Inequalities: Adult Obesity within Physiotherapy, PhD Research Overview' - Paul MacDonald - Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, HWHCT. Recording: Presentation slides:  Paul MacDonald EBP Presentation Paul MacDonald Physio Obesity.pptx [pptx] 12MB 
  • 'Behavioural therapy for anxiety amongst autistic adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities'    - Prof Peter Langdon - Professor in Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Psychology, University of Warwick; Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Honorary Associate Director of Research at HWHCT. Recording: 


Attendence Certificates: 

As mentioned at the conference certificates of attendance are available upon request for CPD files. In order to receive a certificate the conference feedback form needs to be completed including Q7 which relates specifically to attendance certificates and how to receive yours.

N.B – please note that we can ONLY send conference attendance certificates if email addresses are given at the appropriate question on this feedback form. We are unable to automatically email certificates using the email address held on Eventbrite for this event. We have received certificate requests without an email address so are unable to provide certificates. Please contact me directly if this applies to you:


Previous conferences

The first Evidence Based Practice Conference took place in November 2021 and shared Evidence Based Practice projects that staff here at HWHCT have undertaken. To listen back to the presentations please click on the 2021 drop down below.

Our second conference EBP* Virtual Conference took place from Monday 10th - Thursday 13th October and covered everything from what is and who does research, to hearing how research results are put into practise. To listen back to the presentations please click on the 2022 drop down below.


EBP* Virtual Conference: 10 - 13 October 2022

Huge huge HUGE thanks to all our fantastic speakers and everyone who attended the EBP conference. We hope everyone found the sessions informative and useful.

The agenda was as per below. Recordings of each session were made and are now available. Please find the links below.

Monday 10.10.22:

Session 1: What is Research? 12noon – 1pm

12noon – 12.05pm: Welcome and housekeeping

12.05pm – 12.20pm: What is research and why does it matter? - Stuart Banham (Chief Pharmacist):

12.20pm – 12.45pm: What’s the difference between service evaluation, clinical audit and research? What’s in it for me and my patients including underserved communities – Sam Topping (Research & Development Manager):

12.45pm – 12.55pm: Where does research take place? Inc research outreach work done so far – Alice Madden (Research Project Support Officer):

12.55pm – 1pm: Final questions and close

Session 2: Who does Research? 1.30pm – 2.45pm

1.30pm – 1.35pm: Welcome and housekeeping

1.35pm – 2pm: Who’s who and who does what in the research world. Launching the research collaborator role. What is a PI (Principal Investigator)? - Sam Topping (Research & Development Manager):

2pm – 2.15pm: My experience of being a PI for the 1st time working on BEAMS-ID – Katherine Byron-Daniels (Clinical Psychologist):

2.15pm – 2.30pm: My experience of being a PI - currently on ADEPP – Barny Major (Consultant Psychiatrist, Associate Medical Director, Herefordshire Mental Health and LD services):

2.30pm – 2.40pm: My experience of being a PI for the 1st time working on EDGI – Matt Rae (Clinical Lead North & West Herefordshire Neighbourhood Mental Health Service):

2.40pm – 2.45pm: Final questions and close

Tuesday 11.10.22:

Session 3: EBP showcase within HWHCT: 12noon – 1.15pm

12noon – 12.05pm: Welcome and housekeeping

12.05pm – 12.25pm: Gaining a global perspective on Occupational Therapy Research – Alice Turnbull (Service Lead for Paediatric Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy):

12.25pm – 12.45pm: Dietetic Research Opportunities – Marti van der Linde (Community Paediatric Dietitian Worcestershire North):

12.45pm – 1.05pm - Measuring the Impact of the Kids on the Move Virtual Intervention Programme for Children and Families within the Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service – Louise Boother (Specialist Occupational Therapist in Additional Services, Innovation and SEND):

1.05pm – 1.15pm: Final questions and close

Wednesday 12.10.22:

Session 4: Developing my own Research: 12noon – 1.15pm

12noon – 12.05pm: Welcome and housekeeping

12.05pm – 12.25pm: How to get started; developing an idea; Associate Principle Investigator (PI) role – Sam Topping (Research & Development Manager):

12.25pm – 12.40pm: Associate PI for the ADEPP Study – Kieran Groom (CT3 Doctor in CAMHS):

12.40pm – 1.10pm: My research story so far… - Peter Langdon (Honorary Associate Director of Research; Consultant Clinical Psychologist and CI (Chief Investigator) leading national studies focused upon improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and/or autism):

1.10pm – 1.15pm: Final questions and close

Thursday 13.10.22:

Session 5: Putting Research findings into Practise: 12noon – 1.15pm

12noon – 12.05pm: Welcome and housekeeping

12.05pm – 12.30pm: Measuring the impact of the change from face-to-face to virtual appointments evaluation – Sam Topping (Research & Development Manager):

12.30pm – 1pm: Experience of the RADAR study - Barny Major (Consultant Psychiatrist, Associate Medical Director, Herefordshire Mental Health and LD services):

1pm – 1.15pm: Final questions and close


*EBP = Evidence Based Practise


Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Conference: 16-18 November 2021

Our inaugural research/EBP virtual conference was a huge success! We had 41 people attend at least 1 of the sessions and the feedback so far has been great. Huge HUGE thanks to everyone that attended and to our wonderful presenters without whom this event wouldn’t have taken place:

  • Simon Meadows (Clinical Lead Physiotherapist)
  • Simone van Dalen (Physiotherapy Team Leader)
  • Clare McFadyen (OT at New Haven)
  • Rosie Callaghan (Tissue Viability Lead Nurse)
  • Martha van der Linde (Community Paediatric Dietitian)
  • Chrissy Walker (OT Neighbourhood Team 1)
  • Alice Turnbull (Service Lead for Paediatric OT and Physiotherapy)
  • Emma Jesic (Specialist Paediatric OT & OT Lead for Neurodevelopment)
  • Nicola Bundy (CAMHS Practitioner)
  • Abigail Matthews (OT in Hereford Neighbourhood Mental Health Service)
  • Dr Kerry Gaskin (Head of Department - Midwifery and CPD; Principal Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice,from the University of Worcester)
  • Cliff Lewis (Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner)

Your insightful presentations gave us all food for thought and really demonstrated how staff from all across HWHCT are constantly striving to improve patient care. Thank you.