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Do you need condoms?

We provide a FREE condom postal service to people living in Worcestershire. If you live in Herefordshire, please visit the Sexual Health Services 4 Herefordshire website.

Under 16's - if you are under 16 a member of our Outreach Team will call you for a chat before we process your request. Please make sure you include a mobile or landline telephone number when completing the form. We may call you from a private number so please keep an eye out for our call after submitting a request for condoms.

You have the same rights to confidentiality as an adult. We won't tell your parents/carers or anyone else without your permission. The only time we would tell another professional what you had told us is if we have serious concerns about your safety or welfare. But we will discuss this with you first and give you all the support you need.

Please complete the request form below for condoms via post:

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