Life Pack: Hereford Railway station

Within this life pack, you will find photographs and information relating to Hereford Railway Station. The content for this life pack had been provided by Jennifer Bray, Research Assistant, Association for Dementia Studies, School of Allied Health and Community at the University of Worcester.

Photographs from Hereford Railway Station

Hereford Railway Station: Hereford Railway Station is quite an impressive building and has routes allowing passengers to travel across England and into Wales, including heading towards London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Carmarthen:

Photograph of Hereford Railway Station

National Rail double arrow: the logo has been around since 1965 when it was known as the British Rail Double Arrow. It welcomes passengers to railway stations, but did you know that it was also used on the funnels of Sealink ferries? Which version do you prefer: the white arrows on a red background like the main sign, or the red arrows on a white background in the lower sign?:

Photograph of the National Rail double arrow at Hereford Railway station

Hereford sign: Did you know that the station was originally called ‘Hereford Barr’s Court’ before being renamed as ‘Hereford’? That’s because there used to be two stations in Hereford until the late 1890s. There’s no doubting what it’s called when you look up at the building now though: 

The Hereford sign on the outside of Hereford Railway Station

The lamp and clock at Hereford Railway Station:

The clock and lamp outside Hereford Railway Station

Hereford Railway Station platform: This is a view of the other side of the station building, taken from the opposite platform. You need a ticket to get on the platform now, but it looks like a good place to go trainspotting. Did you ever go to the station to watch the trains go by? Have you ever seen a special train passing through?

The platform at Hereford Railway station

Roof strut from the footbridge:

The roof strut from the footbridge at Hereford Railway Station

GWR logo on the end of a bench:

The GWR logo on the side of a bench at Hereford Railway Station

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