Posters and resources

If the posters in your area require changing or replacement, please review A green bacteria germ icon the resources within this section which yo u can print off and laminate for use. 

These resources are split into various categories to make searching for a specific poster easier.  As well as the Infection Prevention and Control standard posters you will also find a variety of posters to promote the importance of hand hygiene as the single most important way to prevent infection. 

If the poster you require is not available please contact Louise Hough on 01386 502552 or email

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Hand hygiene

The best way of preventing infection passing from one person to another is by cleansing our hands.  All opportunities to promote hand hygiene to staff, patients and visitors should be considered.  The posters below provide information on hand washing and use of hand gels to ensure the correct method is used at the right time.  Additional posters to support effective hand hygiene include promotion of 'Bare Below the Elbows' and are also available below. 

Hand hygiene undertaken by healthcare staff must always be carried out in accordance with the '5 Moments of Hand Hygiene'. Patients should not be afraid to ask healthcare staff if they have cleansed their hands prior to provision of care or treatment.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common infections that can affect the bladder, the kidneys and the tubes connected to them.  They are the second most common clinical indication for routine antibiotics in both primary and secondary care and urine samples make up the largest single group of specimens examined in most medical microbiology laboratories.  The need for accurate prompt diagnosis and treatment is key in their successful management. 

Resources below set out to provide information or training resources that can be used to inform practice. Please also refer to the primary care antimicrobial prescribing guidelines for information on treatment of urinary tract infections.