Life Story Packs

Here you can find a range of Life Story packs. All materials are copyright free. This means that you can use them for your own purpose.

The packs contain a variety of archive photos, videos, historic maps and content pieces. You can look at them by yourself, with others such as family members or they can be used in group sessions like reminiscence activities in carehomes and hospitals.

The materials may trigger memories or stories can be shared. They offer opportunities to come together over a shared connection.

You can also use the materials in the packs within in your own life stories books

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All materials here can be used in your Life Story Book. You can copy the images by right clicking on the image and click 'copy image address', and add YouTube videos by copying the links.

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Don't have a Life Stories Book?

Life Stories is a way of collecting thoughts, memories, images and videos together in one place. 

Develop or create your own life story and share it with friends, family or carers. It includes a “This is Me” area where you can include information that is important to you, like your routine, physical health or how you take your tea. Everything in your book is kept securely and shared only with the people you choose.

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