Neighbourhood Teams help reduce hospital admittance | News

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Neighbourhood Teams help reduce hospital admittance

Neighbourhood Teams in Worcestershire are reducing the number of patients admitted to hospital by up to 15 patients per day by treating them in their homes.

The service is also enabling patients to leave hospital when they are medically fit, reducing unnecessary days in hospital which can be detrimental to patients recovery.

Together with staff across health and social care services in Worcestershire, we are working together as part of the HomeFirst Worcestershire programme to ensure patients get the best, safest care in the right place, at the right time.

Neighbourhood Teams bring together a range of professionals, including district nurses, therapists, GPs, and social care staff into one of 13 teams providing care and treatment to patients in their own homes. The aim is to deliver more proactive and responsive care to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions or repeat GP appointments wherever possible.

Across Worcestershire there are 13 integrated teams, providing care to their local community assigned by the catchment area of their local GP practices. 

Video: Phil Shakeshaft, Matron at the Princess of Wales Community Hospital in Bromsgrove, explains the impact that Neighbourhood Teams are having on improving patient discharge rates and avoiding hospital admission.