Services embrace technology during the coronavirus outbreak | News

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Services embrace technology during the coronavirus outbreak

Chaplain Andy Green video calls with Pershore Hospital staff

Our teams and services are utilising technology to support their patients, families and colleagues during the coronavirus outbreak.

Services across both counties have quickly adapted to holding digital consultations and video calls to continue to deliver care to patients in the absence of face to face consultations.

One staff member embracing new ways of working is our Lead Chaplain, Andy Green.

Andy joined Di Cookson, Ward Manager at Pershore Community Hospital and Colin Shaw, Social Worker via video call to share prayers together for a patient in their care.

Andy, who supports those of all faiths or none, has been in regular contact with patients, their families and staff since the lock down; providing support and listening during this turbulent time.

Andy said, "Far away doesn't have to mean far apart... It was wonderful to have the opportunity to respond via a live visual link to one of our patients who desperately wanted to share a prayer whilst they were in hospital.

To see the patient's eyes light up when she realised what was happening was wonderful.

Thank you to all our staff across the Trust who are working so hard to fulfil our patients needs both clinically and spiritually and thinking 'outside the box' to make it happen".

The Trust is currently rolling out ‘virtual visitors’ across its community hospitals, offering patients an opportunity to video call their loved ones while in hospital.

Further detail on this initiative will follow shortly.