Our Quality and Safety Standards

At Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, the quality and safety of your care are our highest priorities. There are national and local standards, policies and procedures to ensure you have the best possible outcomes and experience.

We adhere to the NHS Constitution for our standards and waiting times. We are inspected and regulated by national organisations who ensure we provide services to expected levels and meet our commitments within the National Health Service. We also take very seriously the feedback we get from patients and visitors and respond to concerns when they arise.

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Tenders/ Contracts

Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust tender for all their goods and services via an e-Tendering portal with their partner EU Supply Ltd. This portal will contain tendering opportunities at both a LOCAL, NATIONAL and EU (OJEU) level. Our competitive exercises, including ‘mini-competitions’, will be advertised on line via this EU Supply e-Tendering portal.

The portal is ‘free of charge’ for any supplier to register. By registering on the system, suppliers will have access not only to Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust tenders but also all tenders at a national level where public sector bodies use EU Supply as an e-Tendering partner. 

Any queries in regard to Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust tendering / contracting opportunities please email: eprocurement@hacw.nhs.uk or 2 Kings Courts, Charles Hastings Way, Worcester, WR5 1JR

Enquires about the EU Supply e-tendering portal please contact the helpdesk (via email or telephone) on the home page of the portal.  

Suppliers can register and log in here

Procurement and the Trust are committed to working in collaboration with all relevant Organisations to assist with making savings. The procurement team are liaising closely with the following to achieve the Trust's procurement objectives:

  • NHS Supply Chain
  • Crown Commercial Services
  • West Midlands Procurement Heads of Service
  • East Midlands Procurement Heads of Service
  • Various regional NHS Procurement hubs (e.g. LLP, SBS and NOECPC)
  • Regional Government agencies (e.g. ESPO)
  • Local Authority Procurement Network



The Procurement department hopes to focus on the Trusts sustainability opportunities in order to make further savings and reduce the affect our purchasing activities have on the environment.



Procurement: EU Tendering Limits [docx] 15KB

Procurement: Trust routes diagram [docx] 39KB

Procurement: OJEU Process Chart [ppt] 124KB

Procurement Team leaflet [pdf] 593KB

Pre-contract_procurement_fraud_and_corruption_-_Guidance_for_prevention_and_detection [pdf] 643KB

Procurement: SOs_SFIs__SoD_171215 [pdf] 1MB


Government Procurement Network

The latest LGPN guidance document, entitled ‘Making public sector procurement more accessible to SMEs’, is available and highlights that with an annual spend of £230bn, public sector procurement has the potential to create significant business and growth opportunities through increased participation for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as improving the public sector’s access to SMEs’ creativity and innovation. 

There are also many good examples of small suppliers delivering significant benefits to the public sector through their greater innovation and at a comparatively lower cost base than large, incumbent government contractors. 

To read more, remember that you need to log in to the site to access the guidance, which can be viewed here.

Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust tender for all their goods and services via an e-Tendering portal with their partner EU Supply Ltd. Suppliers can register and log in via:  https://uk.eu-supply.com/login.asp?B=HACW_NHS.