Our Quality and Safety Standards

At Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, the quality and safety of your care are our highest priorities. There are national and local standards, policies and procedures to ensure you have the best possible outcomes and experience.

We adhere to the NHS Constitution for our standards and waiting times. We are inspected and regulated by national organisations who ensure we provide services to expected levels and meet our commitments within the National Health Service. We also take very seriously the feedback we get from patients and visitors and respond to concerns when they arise.

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Safer Staffing

Since April 2014 all NHS Trusts have been required to publish information about the nurse staffing levels. The data must show the staffing levels that we planned to have in place alongside the actual levels that were in place.

The data is collected for each of our inpatient wards and units and will be published monthly on this website.

The data provides the total monthly planned staffing hours for both registered nurses and care staff.

We are also displaying on each of our wards and inpatient units, information that includes the total numbers of patients on the ward/unit each day, the name of the nurse in charge of each shift, the planned staffing levels for each shift and the actual number of nursing staff on duty for each shift.

We hope you find this information helpful. For more information about staffing levels in our inpatient areas, please contact Natalie Willetts, Director of Nursing and Quality.

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