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Learning Disabilities - Psychology

  • A learning disability affects the way a person understands information and how they communicate. This means they can have difficulty; understanding new or complex information, learning new skills and coping independently.

  • Reception phone number: 01905 846888 (North Worcestershire) or 01905 844716 (South Worcestershire)

About the service

Learning Disability Psychological Interventions work together with people who have learning disabilities and also with their families and carers to help them make the positive psychological, relational and behavioural changes they want to make in their lives. We support and enable people who have a learning disability who are 18+ years old, and the team is made up of both Clinical Psychologists and Behavioural Nurses/Specialists.

The service works to help people with learning disabilities to access mainstream services where this is possible, and to support more directly those people who are not able to access mainstream services.

Assessments are carried out when clinically indicated. They can include: assessment of cognitive and adaptive functioning, behavioural assessments, dementia assessments, autism assessments.

Psychological interventions are provided for a range of psychological, emotional and relational difficulties, drawing on and adapting various therapeutic models underpinning Systemic/Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Brief Family Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy, Person Centred Therapeutic Approaches, Positive Behavioural Support, Cognitive Behavioural and Third Wave Therapies, and other therapeutic approaches as indicated.

Learning Disability Psychological Interventions offers consultation and supervision to other professionals in the Trust, joint working with multi-disciplinary colleagues, and training sessions to staff groups working with individuals who have a learning disability.

Staff within Psychological Interventions also work together with our multidisciplinary team colleagues to evaluate and improve the quality, safety, efficacy and efficiency of services delivered through audit, service development and research.

How to access the service

Anyone can make a referral (including self-referral). Referrals can be taken on the phone via 01905 846888 (North Worcestershire) or 01905 844716 (South Worcestershire).

Easy Read Information

An easy read team information leaflet can be found here:  Learning Disabilities Psychology Easy Read Leaflet