A Night Out - Suitcase Stories

A Night Out – Suitcase Stories

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These images are from the ‘Night Out’ suitcase which includes items such as a Rolls Razor, hair pins, 1950s/60s dress and Mary Quant makeup as well as adverts for local dance venues. They could be used to prompt conversations about where people went out in Worcester, what they wore and who they went with or met.

  1. Hairnet and rollers
  2. Hairdryer (plugs into light socket)
  3. Shaving pot and brush
  4. Rolls Razor
  5. Set of Heated Rollers
  6. Pot of Brylcreme
  7. Dress (1950s/60s)
  8. Pair of Saxone Shoes
  9. Mary Quant make-up
  10. Bottle of 4711 perfume

The Suitcase Stories suitcases contain a range of original objects which can be used to start conversations, evoke memories and share stories. The suitcases are themed and include topics such as Holidays, Schooldays, The 1960s, Hobbies and Celebrations. All the objects can be handled and the suitcases include items such as perfume, Brylcreme and musical instruments to stimulate smell and sound senses as well as touch and sight.

Suitcase Stories is provided by Museums Worcestershire. If you are interested in booking one of our suitcases for your setting, please contact the Worcestershire County Museum on museum@worcestershire.gov.uk

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Night Out - Suitcase Stories Photographs

1. Hairnet and rollers: 

Image of old hair net and rollers

2. Hairdryer (plugs into light socket): 

Image of an old hairdryer

3. Shaving pot and brush: 

Image of old shaving pot and brush

4. Rolls Razor: 

Image of old rolls razor

5. Set of Heated Rollers: 

Image of old heated rollers

6. Pot of Brylcreme: 

Image of Brylcreme

7. Dress (1950s/60s): 

1950s-60s style dress

8. Pair of Saxone Shoes: 

Image of old ladies shoes

9. Mary Quant make-up: 

Image of old Mary Quant make-up

10. Bottle of 4711 perfume: 

Old perfume bottle ​​​​​​​

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