Stammering, Stuttering or Dysfluency

Dysfluency is a difficulty in producing smooth, fluent speech.  In the UK we call this stammering whilst the term 'stuttering' is used more often in the USA but they mean the same thing!  Stammering is a communication impairment affecting 5% of all children and 1% of all adults. This means that lots of children grow out of their stammer as they mature but many do not. However, with the right support and strategies from an early age, children can learn ways to manage their stammer to make sure it does not stop them achieving all the things they want to achieve and that they still feel positive about their communication skills. 

How can you help?

Tips for teachers...

Advice for older children and young people

Action for Stammering Children have lots of advice for children and young people who stammer including tips from other young people who stammer themselves. You can read them here

Click here to download the Older Children and Young Adults Stammering leaflet 

Useful links

The British Stammering Association (BSA) STAMMA
'BSA is the national organisation for adults and children who stammer, run by people who stammer'.
Webpage link: 
Help Line: 0845 603 2001

Action for Stammering Children (ASC)  
'ASC is a UK registered charity which supports expert therapy that transforms the lives of children who stammer.  They do this primarily by commissioning specialist services from the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children in London and the Stammering Support Centre in Leeds'.
Webpage link:  
Tel: 020 3316 8100  email: 

The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children - Tel: 020 3316 8100
The Stammering Support Centre, Leeds - Tel: 0113 8434331  email: